It’s been a while since I’ve written a personal post.  Okay, so it’s been longer than a while.  It’s seems like it’s been forever ago…  I thought today would be the perfect day to bring it back.  The personal blogging, that is.  Today, we’re at home and having a southern snow day.  For those of you that don’t live in the South, snow days in the south consist of nothing but time. The city shuts down, schools close the life is put into slow motion.

We started the morning by running to the windows to see the fresh blanket of white stuff all over the ground and followed our excitement with fresh cinnamon rolls.  Cooking is also a required part of a southern snow day. After our bellies were full, we ventured outside.  Wow.  I never realized what my mom did for us until I became a mom.  Getting three little ones layered and bundled for snow play is one heck of a task — then after 30 minutes outside, they want to come in, dry off, warm up, change clothes and do it all over again.  And, again.  My dryer has been running all day and my house is a maze of mittens, boots, socks, scarves and coats. But, it’s so worth it.

Below are some pictures from our outside romp in the snow.  We managed to make our family of snow people, go sledding, four-wheeling… all out FUN!  And time together.  Because it feels like all too soon, the time will melt away.  <—— That brings me to another topic.  Our family mission statement.

A couple weeks ago, Justin and I planned an afternoon date.  We ate at Olive Garden (one of our favorites) and went to a movie.  Ella’s second grade teacher babysat for us and she was all of perfection.  She will be back!  During our dinner, we decided to start building a family mission statement.  I had researched family mission statements online and found the questionnaire here by “The Art of Simple” very helpful. Justin and I spent two hours talking out our family as a unit and each person individually.  Our interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, strengths and areas of stumbling. After talking and note-taking, we re-read our thoughts and looked for keywords that kept reappearing and with a list of those words, we created our family mission statement.  I’ve attached our mission statement to the bottom of this post in a little printable that I’ve designed.  It will soon hang on our home.

Happy Snow Day!



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This time of year is {honestly} dreaded.  It’s cold outside, there’s no color on the trees.  My kids go house-crazy. But, there’s also a sense of ‘newness’.  I worked hard this month to update my blog and am so happy with the result.  I think it represents my brand, me as a wife & mom & photographer.  I have big plans for personal and professional blogging this year so I hope it happens!  To start off this season of love, here’s a little promo for all of you lovebirds.  Guys, when she says YES! Call me.;-)

There’s some specials too for all you special families out there — Get it before it’s gone!


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As we inch closer to Christmas day and the coming of Christ, I’m excited to keep sharing these special Merry Lot families.  I love looking back through all these sessions and deciding what to share.  I sit at my computer screen smiling.  Not only did we capture some amazing pictures of all these families, but we had an amazing time!  Merry Lot, Part III coming soon!


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