This time of year is {honestly} dreaded.  It’s cold outside, there’s no color on the trees.  My kids go house-crazy. But, there’s also a sense of ‘newness’.  I worked hard this month to update my blog and am so happy with the result.  I think it represents my brand, me as a wife & mom & photographer.  I have big plans for personal and professional blogging this year so I hope it happens!  To start off this season of love, here’s a little promo for all of you lovebirds.  Guys, when she says YES! Call me.;-)

There’s some specials too for all you special families out there — Get it before it’s gone!


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As we inch closer to Christmas day and the coming of Christ, I’m excited to keep sharing these special Merry Lot families.  I love looking back through all these sessions and deciding what to share.  I sit at my computer screen smiling.  Not only did we capture some amazing pictures of all these families, but we had an amazing time!  Merry Lot, Part III coming soon!


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I met this family a couple years ago when we started attending SSLC-MS and St Stephens Lutheran School.  Natalie and Annie are now in Kindergarten together.  I can’t begin to describe the blessings that have come to us through our church and this school — the Orlowski’s are one of them.  Warm smiles, friendly ways… And these pictures are some of my favorites!



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