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Style Me Pretty + Happy 4th of July

I’ve blogged a couple times over the past couple years about the importance of setting goals, then tracking successes.  And today is a day to Celebrate.  Not only is it the 4th of July, it is a day in which I have experienced success.  At the first of this year, I wrote down all of my goals in a notebook titled “re-think”.  I found it on a shelf at Barnes and Noble and for some reason the title made me a little less scared to be brave.  To wish hard and dream bigger (and that’s what this country is all about, right!?).  So, Goal #1 for 2011 — Get Published, Get Recognized and Be Accepted.

I recently had the chance to photograph the wedding of Carrie and Paul in Hilton Head, SC at the beautiful Belfair Plantation and when I heard last week that Style Me Pretty had accepted this wedding and would be displaying it on their ever-so-loved blog, I literally jumped up and down.  Well, it was a little more than jumping.  I was screaming, crying, calling my mom, doing twirls in the living room with my girls to Backseat Driver and saying thanks to the One that makes this all possible for me and my family.

So… internet.  Here it is.  My debut.  On Style Me Pretty.  There are so many things to celebrate today!

Happy Birthday America!  I am blessed to live in the land of the free and be Blessed!

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