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Featured on Design Aglow

It was one Friday night.  The girls were alseep and I had an itch that came from outer-space.  At least that’s how it seemed.  I submitted some of my work to two different fabulous sources…  Style Me Pretty and Design Aglow.  The next morning, I had forgotten about the submissions, because really, they get thousands of submissions every month from photographers everywhere around the world.  And little ole’ me?  So, I just forgot about it but promised myself to step outside of my comfort zone more, to submit more.  And to learn from being rejected.

Over the past two weeks, I have received two emails from both sources asking me if my work could actually be published.  Say What!?  If you could only imagine my excitement!  I want to pinch myself back into reality or jostle myself out of this dream.  To be placed among some of the top photographers in the industry is such an honor.  You can see me on the Style Me Pretty blog by clicking here.

And as of this morning, one of my images from Lacey’s bridal session has been chosen to be featured in Design Aglow’s Inspire Me Cards:  A Creative Posing Guide for Brides.  I absolutely adore this blog and have gained inspiration from here since the inception of my business and my career as a photographer.  And, when they said I was chosen among other industry leaders, I shouted with joy.  Okay, so maybe I cried a little too.  Their kind words blow me away and I am so honored to have my work placed in this inspirational product.



From Design Aglow:

With this timely collection of 82 bridal images, featuring some of the most amazing photographic talent in the industry today, you’ll be all smiles both before and after your bride sashays down the aisle. Whether you’re looking for the sassy retro stylings of eras gone by, high fashion flair, or want to address the dress, you’ll never be at a loss for ways to frame your subject fabulously and create works of art clients will treasure for years to come. Simply print these gorgeous mini portraits for on-the-go greatness and create your own rousing reception.

Featuring stunning imagery from:
Jose Villa
Rebekah Westover
Tanja Lippert
Paul Johnson
Simply Bloom Photography

If you are a photographer and are interested in purchasing the bridal posing guide, click here.

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